What Would Google Do?

You may know Jeff Jarvis as the creator and founding editor of Entertainment Weekly magazine, but he is also the mind behind one of the most popular media and Internet blogs, Buzzmachine.com.


In January/February of 2009, Jarvis’ name may become even more familiar due to the release of his book: What Would Google Do? The book is described as “one part prophecy, one part thought experiment, one part manifesto and one part survival manual,” and takes on the challenge of thoroughly examining the fastest-growing company in history. On his blog Jarvis writes: “I’m reverse-engineering Google, taking the lessons and rules I find in their singular success in the internet economy and applying them to other companies, industries, and institutions. And then I’ll pontificate about the greater importance of Google and links on society and life.”


For more information, go check out a video about What Would Google Do? and Jarvis on the book’s page on Harper Collins’ Web site. Jarvis is an engaging speaker and gives you a great feel for the book’s content.

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