The Sky’s the Limit on Competition

The announcement today that United Airlines will merge with Continental Airlines to create the world’s largest carrier is another sign of the continued changes in the airline industry. The  airlines still have one major hoop through which to leap before this mega-airline can see its wheels leave the ground: they have to navigate the federal approval process, something that many news outlets claim will be more difficult under the Obama administration.

The state of the airline industry demonstrates that competition continues to intensify and shift. As internal and external pressures mount, companies are forced to re-evaluate existing strategies and create new methods to ensure survival in the marketplace.

These sentiments echo the thoughts of  marketing icon Jack Trout, author of the classic Positioning, as well as Repositioning, a book co-authored with Steve Rivkin and summarized by Soundview in our latest monthly edition. Trout’s book centers on conquering the 3 C’s of business: competition, crisis and change. In a recent interview with Soundview, Trout mentioned that competition is by far the most critical of the three C’s to conquer.

To show the ways in which competition will continue to increase, Trout gave this example:

“I recently returned from Beijing where they were celebrating the 30th anniversary of my book Positioning. Can you believe this? In China they’ve fallen in love with Positioning and Repositioning because they are now a country that’s learning how to market products. They already know how to make everything. Now they’ve decided that they’re going to have to build brands or buy brands on their own. That’s a scary thought! Think about it. The Chinese are getting into the marketing game. You think we’ve seen competition now? Get ready.”

To help yourself get ready, check out Soundview’s summary of Repositioning: Marketing in an Era of Competition, Change and Crisis.

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