Book Review: The Inclusion Breakthrough

by Frederick A. Miller and Judith H. Katz
by Frederick A. Miller and Judith H. Katz

“Capitalizing on diversity requires more than simply hiring a diverse work force,” argue Frederick A. Miller and Judith H. Katz in their book The Inclusion Breakthrough: Unleashing the Real Power of Diversity. Despite substantial changes in the demographics of the modern workplace during the past two decades, the term diversity is still a concept that escapes a strategic definition. In the new Soundview Executive Book Summary of Miller and Katz’s book, executives have an opportunity to learn the way in which diversity can create an organizational breakthrough with diversity.

The path to a breakthrough requires executives to commit to what the authors refer to as “radical change.” Readers shouldn’t quiver at the use of the word radical. The Inclusion Breakthrough demonstrates the intensity of change needed to power the “culture of inclusion.” The authors emphasize repeatedly that it is the responsibility of the leaders to both create and stay at the forefront of the effort to create change.

Executives should focus their energy on the book’s second section “The Elements of an Inclusion Breakthrough.” Miller and Katz provide five key elements that put practical business applications to diversity strategies. Of particular note is the element that recommends creating new competencies. Organizations that hold firm to their existing workplace competencies should heed the authors’ advice that competencies, like software, need frequent updates to work at full efficiency.

The theme of frequent evaluation and revision of various elements carries throughout The Inclusion Breakthrough. It is the kind of advice that can revolutionize your company’s diversity strategy and can make a significant difference in other areas of your business, too.

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