New Year’s Resolutions

Recently, published a great infographic with statistics about how people did with their New Year’s Resolutions in 2013. The numbers aren’t very encouraging. While 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only about 8 percent of people actually achieve them. And sadly, 25 percent of people don’t make it past the first week.

It is indeed tough to follow through on our good intentions for the New Year. We have great expectations of what we can accomplish, but then the reality of our daily lives gets in the way. provided a list of apps and other technology solutions to help with these resolutions, and they all hit upon some basic principles for accomplishing goals.

  1. Be Specific – general goals are harder to hit so make specific goals that can be measured.
  2. Break them down – break your goals down into manageable steps that don’t seem so difficult. The steps will add up to accomplish the goals.
  3. Be accountable – find someone to share your resolutions with, and give them permission to ask how you’re doing.
  4. Share your successes – enlisting a cheering section is helpful in motivating you to keep going.
  5. Automate where possible – if you’re goals involve finances, automating the steps (like depositing into your savings account) helps to overcome busyness.

One resolution that we hear again and again in our area of business is “I want to read more business books but I don’t have the time.” This problem is what Soundview Executive Book Summaries was established upon. Since 1978 we’ve been providing a solution to this problem through our book summaries, and along the way we’ve added additional ways to gain business information more efficiently, like our author webinars, Executive Insights videos, and Executive Edge skills newsletter.

If one of your resolutions for 2014 is to read less and learn more, check out our solutions.

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