Are Your Skills Sharp Enough?

According to an article in The Washington Post, unemployment numbers took a surprising jump over the past month. This concern about the continuing rocky return of the American economy has caused a scramble for any semblance of job security. While the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent for the month of May, the affected areas of the economy could possibly be spread across the spectrum of jobs.

This is obviously concerning news for executives. One of the main ways in which many executives are attempting to solidify their position within an organization is by strengthening their skill sets. While traditional coursework and seminars still have a foothold on the executive education arena, more and more executives are turning to mobile learning as a means to strengthen skills at a pace that fits the intensity of their schedules.

If you’re in this group (and really, who isn’t in today’s climate?), I would strongly recommend you check out CKC’s Executive Edge ™ . This skill-building publication is delivered directly to you twice each month, and each issue is devoted to the mastery of one of numerous skills that every executive needs to succeed.

From the feedback that I’ve received, one of the aspects of Executive Edge that people most enjoy is the focus on practical applications of skills. This often arrives in the form of takeaways from executives with hands-on experience. Unlike other publications that focus on theory and speculation, Executive Edge delivers front-line information forged from the success stories of companies across the globe.

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Can’t-Miss Collaboration Tips in CKC’s Executive Edge

One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s companies is how to create strong collaboration amongst the individuals in the organization. For many companies, this task is complicated by the workforce being stretched by geography but tied by technology. Add in to the mix the increasing prevalence of collaboration between a company and its customers, and one finds a climate in which the ability to work together is essential to continued success. The latest issue of CKC’s Executive Edge provides some excellent insight into the best methods to Foster a Culture of Collaboration.

Take a look at what thought leaders are sharing with you in this issue:

Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams (authors of Macrowikinomics) discuss how you can create of a culture of collaboration.

Emmanuel Gobillot (author of Leadershift) explains the unique leadership challenges you may face in the era of mass collaboration.

Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd (authors of The 2020 Workplace) provide a vision how your organization will collaborate in the next decade.

John Zenger, Joseph Folkman and Scott Edinger (authors of The Inspiring Leader) explain why the need for team achievements outweighs the draw of any individual accolade

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Sales Struggling? Soundview Can Help

Each day brings new reports of the devastating impact of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As I arrived at Soundview’s offices this morning, I heard a report about one consumer aspect that tells us just how intense the circumstances are in Japan. Auto sales for the month of March in Japan are down 37 percent. This is due in large part to the sudden closure of many of Japan’s auto manufacturing plants. The supply chain has been compromised to a large degree, as the shutdown of a single parts-producer can impact multiple manufacturers.

It’s been a difficult time in the auto sales business in many parts of the world. If falling sales numbers have you concerned, you might want to check out the latest edition of CKC’s Executive Edge, the online publication produced by Soundview’s parent company Concentrated Knowledge Corporation. The latest issue is entitled “How to Sharpen Your Sales Approach.” If you’ve never read an issue of Executive Edge, one of the features that separates it from other skill-building publications is its devotion to a single skill in each issue. This gives you a variety of information on one topic from which you can build your own personal strategy.

In the new issue of Executive Edge, you’ll learn the secrets of buyer motivation, the latest sales strategies from top sales authors, and what’s being taught in some of the top-rates sales classrooms around the globe. Your next sale could hinge on a skill that you discover in this issue, so don’t miss out. If you’d like to find out how you can subscribe to Executive Edge, just click this link.

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Executive Edge on Negotiating Strength

As one Soundview staffer put it the other day, “2011 is officially the Year of the Protest.” It does seem as though every day brings more and more headlines of people gathering together in an attempt to effect change. Whether the reasons are economic, political or religious in nature, protests of all sorts have been greatly aided by social technology. The use of mass collaboration has enabled people to organize, assemble and solidify their efforts in a way that the Founding Fathers or, more recently, Baby Boomers could never have imagined.

However, in many situations, real change is decided between smaller groups of individuals. These are instances where the ability to be a strong negotiator is an essential skill. The business applications of negotiation can make a significant difference in a person’s career as well as his or her ability to garner more and better opportunities for his or her company. What are some of the most important aspects of strong negotiation?

Concentrated Knowledge Corporation (the parent company of Soundview Executive Book Summaries) is exploring some of these ideas right now in its new online training publication CKC’s Executive Edge. The latest edition shows you how to negotiate from a position of strength. It’s full of ideas from thought-leaders on the subject and includes skill-building tips that will help you the next time you’re seated at the bargaining table.

If you haven’t seen Executive Edge™ yet, you’ve got to check it out. Unlike a lot of other training tools for executives that try to cover a dozen subjects at a time, Executive Edge™ focuses on one skill per issue. That means you get comprehensive coverage of a skill, enabling you to learn and retain more information.

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Get An Edge in Your Career Development

What separates the performance of top-level professionals from people who, no matter how hard they try, seem unable to reach the summit? Every organization has one or two individuals to whom other members of staff look as an example of “the right way” to get the job done. The secret is a combination of knowing the best practices and key skills and executing your strategies in the right moments. Of course, gaining these valuable skill sets can require a serious investment of time and money. Most of us who are working professionals rarely have the time to be out of the office for additional training. The demands of our personal lives also prevent many of us from devoting time in the evenings to improving our career skills.

That’s why Concentrated Knowledge Corporation (the publisher of Soundview Executive Book Summaries) created CKC’s Executive Edge™ (To get a FREE sample issue, click here!). This online publication saves you time and energy by combining executive skill development with insights from today’s top business leaders. Two times per month, you’ll receive a digitally delivered publication in your e-mail in-box that will give you insight into vital skill-builders regardless of your level of experience.

Take a look at what you’ll learn in CKC’s Executive Edge :

  • How to impress your audience when speaking publicly.
  • Negotiating from strength.
  • Defining yourself as a leader.
  • Updating your sales style.
  • Resolving workplace conflict.
  • Maximizing your professional value.
  • And many more…

This is a unique opportunity to receive coaching from some of the best minds in business but at your pace and on your timetable. I also need to mention that now is a great time to sign up because of the special offer that’s currently running!

If you subscribe today, you’ll receive one year (24 issues) of CKC’s Executive Edge™ for only $39. That’s less than $2 an issue. When was the last time that you were able to get crucial career development information for $2?

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