Make an Impact with Three New Summaries

Leadership is a state of continuous improvement. Soundview is featuring three new summaries that focus on facets of leadership that can make a difference in your career. Each summary is available in multiple digital formats, perfect for that new tablet, phone or e-reader this holiday season. The summaries are:

by Darlene Price

Well Said! by Darlene Price. Face-to-face communication proficiency has become increasingly important in efforts to increase business. It has been said that information and technology alone do not sell — people do. In Well Said! Darlene Price presents field-tested techniques, guidelines and checklists to help you present yourself and your message with clarity, credibility and confidence. When you demonstrate effective presentation skills, decision makers are more inclined to listen, customers are more inclined to buy, and employers are more inclined to notice. (Darlene Price was also a very popular guest on a recent Soundview Live webinar. Download your copy here.)

by Kevin Cashman

The Pause Principle by Kevin Cashman. The constant barrage of information can overwhelm a person’s decision-making ability. In The Pause Principle, Kevin Cashman makes the argument that today’s leaders need to take the necessary time to deeply pause before acting. Leaders must make an effort to create vision, understanding, clarity and agility. Cashman describes the need to pause to grow personal leadership, develop others, and foster a culture of innovation. By following the pause practices Cashman describes, executives will learn how to step back to lead forward.

by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan

Change-Friendly Leadership by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan. Despite the good intentions of organizations and their leaders, most attempts at change do not succeed. Change practitioner Rodger Dean Duncan looks at the overlooked elements of successful change: humanness, approachability and friendliness. Duncan provides a framework to involve and motivate the individuals who will be most affected by the change effort. Learn how you can achieve successful change by implementing the Four Ts of change: Think-Friendly, Talk-Friendly, Trust-Friendly and Team-Friendly.