Rethinking Corporate Education in a World of Unrelenting Change


Learning to Succeed

Your company may be profitable today, with a solid product, plenty of buyers and healthy pricing. If so, congratulations –– it’s an enviable position. Now throw out everything you’re planning to do to stay competitive. Your future survival means keeping pace with a world in flux, as expanding global markets, shorter and unpredictable business cycles and increased ROI pressures reshape industries and erode market share for even the most venerable companies. “Cheaper, bigger, faster and newer” are the imperatives driving organizations, no matter how thinly spread their people and resources.

So how can your organization stay ahead of competitors ready to spring from any corner of the globe? Learning to Succeed provides a deceptively simple yet effective solution: Become a dynamic learning organization that actively embraces learning across the ranks, from the executive offices to the mailroom.

Expanding on Peter M. Senge’s The Fifth Discipline, corporate learning expert Jason Wingard draws from hundreds of interviews with senior executives, surveys and questionnaires with division heads and business unit managers, and personal observations at companies big and small to show that corporate learning is not just an “intangible” hit-or-miss pursuit. It’s a critical shift achieved through careful implementation –– and the most reliable solution for anticipating change, shifting gears and thriving in our fast-paced world.


• The pressures and opportunities of the global marketplace.

• How to supply a Continuous Integration of Learning and Strategy model.

• How to create a culture of excellence that attracts and retains top talent and nurtures manager effectiveness.

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Learning to Succeed

Rethinking Corporate Education in a World of Unrelenting Change

by Jason Wingard
Corporate learning expert Jason Wingard proposes that to keep ahead of the competition, organizations should shift to embracing learning across the ranks and become dynamic learning organizations. With a dedication to learning initiatives, a company will be better equipped to make the decisions that will ensure its future.

The Lean CEO

Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence

by Jacob Stoller
Many companies and CEOs are finding that to do more with less, that they can find solutions in Lean management techniques to deliver sustainable financial results, empower and motivate employees, break down internal silos and build solid partnerships with customers and suppliers. Journalist and facilitator Jacob Stoller explains the methodology by including in-depth interviews with CEOs who have established Lean as a corporate-wide management system.

The Good Ones

Ten Crucial Qualities of High-Character Employees

by Bruce Weinstein
Ethics expert Bruce Weinstein presents 10 crucial qualities associated with high-character employees that can enhance employee satisfaction, client relationships and the bottom line. Character refers to the most important qualities that define a person’s identity and it is revealed not by words but by actions. The qualities are honesty, accountability, care, courage, fairness, gratitude, humility, loyalty, patience and presence.

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