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How to Deal With People Who Drive You Crazy: An Interactive Converstion with Dr. Mark Goulston

Date: Thursday, March 31st
Time: 12:00 PM EDT

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Let’s face it, we all know people who are irrational. No matter how hard you try to reason with them, it never works. So what’s the solution? How do you talk to someone who’s out of control? Dr. Mark Goulston has the knowledge and experience to help you find answers to these questions to ensure a more pleasant work environment.

In this Soundview Live webinar, How to Deal with People Who Drive You Crazy, Dr. Mark Goulston brings his communication magic to the most difficult group of all: the downright irrational. The key to handling irrational people is to learn to lean into the crazy – to empathize with it.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why people act the way they do
  • How instinctive responses can exacerbate the situation – and what to do instead
  • How to transform yourself from a threat into an ally
  • When to confront a problem and when to walk away

Soundview Live Webinar Updates: Don’t Miss Out!

Soundview Executive Book Summaries is pleased to announce that the archive link of our Soundview Live Webinar with Dr. Mark Goulston is now available! This Webinar was attended by thousands of Soundview subscribers (for FREE, it’s worth mentioning) and generated a tremendous amount of interest over the past several days. We were asked by numerous people about the availability of the Webinar for rebroadcast or download. The good news is that if you missed Dr. Goulston’s presentation last week, it’s now available for you to download and listen whenever works for your schedule. The Webinar is available in an mp3 audio format so it can be used with any mobile device. You will also receive the slides from the presentation and a copy of the Soundview Executive Book Summary of Just Listen: Discover the Secret of Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

Soundview Live is the only weekly Webinar that puts you in touch with today’s top business authors. If you’ve signed up for today’s installment featuring William A. Schiemann, author of Reinventing Talent Management, make sure you test your system at least 60 minutes before today’s event. Without giving too much away, Dr. Schiemann will provide insights into talent management that could make a major difference in your company’s performance. Make sure that wherever you listen to today’s event, you have either a pen and paper or a word processing program open to enable you to take notes. However, if you miss something, much like with the Goulston event, an archive link will be made available shortly after the program.

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Learn How to Get Through To Anyone

Communication issues are often cited as a root cause of problems in many organizations. Soundview Executive Book Summaries has covered the topic in various book summaries, from Stop Workplace Drama to Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. One of the most popular Soundview Executive Book Summaries on the subject of communication is Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston. The summary’s continued popularity is due, in part, to Goulston’s methods for rescuing situations when communication seems impossible. Readers have returned time and again to his advice on breaking down communication barricades and allowing for a more collaborative, emotionally secure situation.

Whether or not you’ve read the summary of Just Listen, next week, Soundview is offering a unique opportunity to learn communication secrets directly from Goulston. He will be the guest on the next installment of Soundview Live on Wednesday, July 27 at Noon (Eastern). One aspect of Goulston’s presentation to which I’m particularly looking forward is the discussion of the “Magic Paradox” to turn a negative person into an asset. During the course of any Soundview Live Webinar, I inevitably receive questions  from the audience about how to handle a difficult employee or manager. Each Soundview Live guest has a unique take on it, but I think Goulston will be able to provide one of the most practical strategies for anyone who attends this Webinar.

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Selling Your “Soft Skills”

I saw an interesting blog post today that I wanted to share with everyone. Trent Hamm is the author of The Simple Dollar, a blog that describes itself as “Financial talk for the rest of us.” Yesterday, Hamm uploaded this post about the potential for a long economic decline in the United States. It addresses many of the issues we encounter in the business books we summarize, including the impact of globalization on outsourcing. You can see from the comments that followed the post that it sparked its share of criticism and debate. His first point about the need to reduce our spending by not declaring every gadget and service a “necessity” is food for thought. However, I was more interested in Hamm’s second point: his suggestion for how Americans can increase our competitiveness on the world’s stage.

He discusses the need to improve one’s “soft skills.” Hard skills are directly related to what we are capable of producing, be it products, ideas or results. Our soft skills on the other hand are related to our ability to interact with others. Hamm points out that soft skills are often the mitigating factor that sees one company win business over another. He writes that consumers ask themselves about service providers, “Do they communicate well? Do they listen well? Are they organized? Are they responsive?”

The question “Do they listen?” applies to not only a company’s ability to communicate with customers but also its executives’ abilities to communicate with employees. We examined this in detail in our summary of Mark Goulston’s Just Listen. Goulston instructs executives to make it a point of connecting as a listener by helping the listener feel understood, something he refers to as “feeling felt.” As Goulston puts it, “When people feel felt, they feel less alone, and when they feel less alone, they feel less anxious and afraid –– and that opens them up to the message you’re trying to send.”

The merits of soft skills can’t be underestimated. In a global economy, it pays to let your customers know that no matter the distance, you’re right next door when it comes to availability to help them.

A Banned Business Book?

Believe it or not, this story appears to be true.

I came across this article on PR Newswire about a business book that was recently banned in prisons throughout the state of Texas. The book, Elements of Persuasion: Use Storytelling to Pitch Better, Sell Faster, and Win More Business, was deemed to be subversive because it could be used to persuade others. The ban led to an intellectual debate on the need to ban books in prisons and whether or not a simple business book should be subject to these rules. I’ve always found the banning of books to be a strange practice in general, but as one commentator in the above article suggests, prison populations are subject to different rules than those of general society.

What’s interesting about the banned book is that it deals with the use of storytelling as a means of persuasion. We’ve covered a few books on communication over the years and each offers a different take on how to get through to others. Recently, we returned to this subject when we selected author Mark Goulston’s Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone for a summary. Unlike Elements of Persuasion, Goulston’s book teaches readers the power of listening as a means of persuasion. This logic takes a technique (listening) that is generally deemed passive and demonstrates how it is actively used to achieve goals.

One of Goulston’s best segments is on talking an angry person from an irrational state to a state of receptivity. Now there’s a technique which might work well in the prison system. Maybe authorities in Texas should put Just Listen on their library lists.

A Moment to Catch One’s Breath

Think about your average day. From the moment your alarm clock jars you from sleep, you’re about to plunge into hour after hour of constant activity. For many of us, coffee is gulped while commuting, e-mails are answered while walking and lunch is a concept more than an actual noontime meal. Thank goodness the function of breathing is automatic because many of us would forget to do it. Add an extra layer of stress to the mix and suddenly, the whole process of an average day can put some folks quite on edge.

Managers have to contend with people in an agitated state from time to time. Depending on your line of work, it can seem like the workplace is involved in a constant state of unease, while in other trades (say, retail for example) intense reactions are more cyclical. Author Mark Goulston discusses a terrific way to handle this problem in his book Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

He writes about the need to help people exhale both physically and emotionally.  We read from time to time about the use of breathing techniques as a method of stress reduction. Goulston supports this argument by pointing out that allowing an agitated person to emotionally exhale his or her emotions before attempting to seek a solution is necessary to prevent a conflict from growing.

Just Listen is full of some of the more interesting views on communication that I’ve read in some time. You can check it out for yourself. It’s part of Soundview’s February edition. Take a breather and do a little reading.