Small Acts of Leadership

Image result for small acts of leadershipIn business today, there is no offline and there is no downtime. Professionals are both exhausted and depleted. Being constantly tethered to our work through technology makes us overwhelmed and shortsighted, and deprives us of time for meaningful reflection or thoughtful connection to our professional communities, and often even to our own families. For us to thrive –– not simply survive –– in this accelerating economy, we need to adopt small, intentional behaviors and practice them each day. From simply taking care of our rest and exercise to building our self-confidence and embracing challenges, author Shawn Hunter’s latest book, Small Acts of Leadership, will guide you through a series of incremental steps you can take to build a stronger version of yourself and make a broader impact in the world. Combining research and meaningful interviews with business leaders around the world, Hunter presents the reader with 12 critical competencies that are consistently present in the daily behaviors of today’s most successful leaders.

• Strategies to build confidence and believe in yourself.
• The key link between meaningful work and gratitude.
• The importance of autonomy and authenticity in organizations.
• The essential qualities of inspiring leaders.
• How “positive deviance” can distinguish the best organizations