Strategy: From Theory to Tactics

In a recent Soundview Author Insight interview with Steve Van Remortel, we asked the consultant and best-selling author of Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream about the critical bridge between theory and tactics as it applies to strategy. Van Remortel responded with the following:

Ask the department leader. “How is our company differentiating ourselves and what is your department’s role in it?” If you get a real crisp clean response, that person and his department are tied into the strategy. If you get kind of a deer-in-the-headlights look, that tells you that the strategy discussions are being held in a room within the C-suite or that they are in the head of the owner or the business leader. One of the core principles within strategy implementation is department planning, and department planning is about getting a majority of the organization working on the business versus in the business. Most organizations probably work in the business. One or two people may spend 5% of their day or their week or their month working on the business.

What department planning does is it takes all the strategy that all the action plans that come out of the strategic planning process and puts them in the appropriate department plan for execution to work on the business. For example as marketing is updating the website, sales is updating its tools and operations is implementing lean. You have all these departments and these individual people within those departments checking things off the business action plans, and all of the sudden there’s 15 action plans that got done in the last month by working on the business. You see the organization just accelerating and taking off.

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