Personality Not Included

Hopefully by now you’ve found the time to sit down with our summary of Rohit Bhargava’s Personality Not Included: Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity and How Brands Get It Back in our August package. According to Bhargava, it’s all about being authentic, especially in a world thick with social media. According to the book’s Web site, “In the social media era, being faceless no longer works. Personality matters.”

Your personality must be instilled in your brand, which lets customers know who you are as a company and what your products are all about. If you have a bland company personality and a stale brand, you’re not going to have customers beating down the door for your products—you will not be the next Steve Jobs and Apple if all you exude is boring.

And even if you think your company has a solid personality and brand—coupled with the production of fantastic products—it never hurts to see if there are other ways that you can improve. Personality Not Included is packed with case studies and has plenty of examples of businesses that are using the successful techniques that are discussed throughout the book, making it a compelling read. In the business world we always want to know what someone else is doing, and even more importantly, how he or she is doing it.

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