How Green Is Your Company?

Sustainability and going green is a hot topic in the business world, not to mention everywhere else. Look at the grocery store, with hybrid vehicles in the parking lot and people bringing in their own reusable canvas shopping bags. Or perhaps you put your recycling bin out every Thursday morning and take public transportation into work five days a week. These are all important actions to take, however, going green in the business world is not as easy as recycling your soda bottles or carpooling.

In an effort to see what kind of information is available on the Web about corporate sustainability, I took a spin on Google. One of the first things I came across was an offering for a free eight-page whitepaper on Waste Management’s Web site titled “A Practical Guide to Developing a Successful Corporate Sustainability Program.” That definitely seems like a useful document to share around the office, with tips about energy usage and printing and packaging.

At Environmental Leader visitors to the Web site can become subscribers to the EL Daily free e-newsletter, search for Webinars, and download items like a water conservation calculator and various podcasts.

I’m just scratching the surface of all the information that is available about greening your company; stepping away from the computer and over towards my bookshelf there’s a stack of green titles that I hope to introduce to you over the next week. 

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