A Trip to the Library

When you spend every day immersed in the world of business books, as we do at Soundview Executive Book Summaries, you take for granted that not everyone shares a passion for the printed word. I was writing a business book review the other evening when I randomly thought about where my love of books was first nurtured. I don’t know if this was a common experience for others but during my elementary school years we took a daily break from the normal rigors of learning to read and write. During a 45-minute session, we were escorted to a different part of the school for elective subjects. Strange as it may sound, I can still remember the schedule: Monday was music. Tuesday was art (A day I always met with dread). Wednesday and Friday were phys. ed. But Thursday, sweet Thursday (to borrow from Steinbeck), was reserved for the library.

I was fortunate that my parents had started taking me to our local public library from the moment I learned to read. However the school library was an experience all its own. This was a library designed specifically for us, for kids. The shelves, though appearing to tower over us, were all just within reach thanks to a stepstool. Every Thursday we sat cross-legged on the floor while the librarian slowly read us a book. I can still name several of the books we were read during those Thursday mornings.

All this reminiscing left me with a few questions: How common was the library class experience? Did you attend library class during your early school years? In an era when everything we see and do involves staring at a lighted screen, do children even venture into a school’s library, or is the library just another victim of changing times and shrinking budgets?

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