New summary posted! Lifestorming by Alan Weiss and Marshall Goldsmith

Image result for lifestorming Alan Weiss and Marshall GoldsmithLifestorming is your practical guide to becoming the person you want to be. You will discover what it takes to redesign your life, friends, behaviors and beliefs in order to move closer to your goals. While change is not easy, it is possible. You will discover a new way to think about your goals — why you chose them, how you can achieve them and (critically) how they can evolve over time to reflect your changing priorities. Lifestorming will help you assess your current state in concrete terms and determine your ability to change and adapt. Then, you can purposefully identify the people, actions, habits and beliefs that either support your personal and professional growth or hold you back from reaching your goals. Outlined here are six building blocks of character that will help you to challenge your belief system, develop a leadership mindset and overcome the stumbling blocks that keep you from success. You’ll map out an action plan and learn how to continually move forward at work, at home and in everyday life.

• How to set the course of a personal evolutionary journey while being aware of outside forces that can influence the journey along the way.
• To recognize when changes in your behaviors are needed and how to evolve them into aspiration-appropriate behaviors.
• To build character in a way that allows you to reach your full potential and create the future you desire and deserve.
• To understand that legacies are created day by day, and how your behaviors and decisions are building that legacy.

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